[mythtv-users] What flavor of Linux are you using?

Bob Cunningham FlyMyPG at gmail.com
Fri Nov 20 00:24:42 UTC 2009

On 11/19/2009 03:48 PM, Andy Hohenner wrote:
> I'm in the process of building a new system for MythTV, and am using
> this as a chance to practice and try something new, so installing from
> scratch (SVN) and trying out versions of Linux I've not used before...
> Just tried building with Fedora 11, but just found out they took out the
> ability to automatically log in (atleast without making edits to conf
> files that I don't completely understand), so considering trying another
> version.

If you are using the default Fedora login manager, the edit is not difficult:Just add the following lines to the [daemon] section of /etc/gdm/custom.conf:


FMI: http://digitizor.com/2009/01/29/how-to-enable-automatic-login-in-fedora-10/

This worked for me under F11.  I just upgraded to F12, and haven't tested this yet.  Autologin is a hassle when configuring a system, and I don't have sound working yet under MythTV ("mythfrontend -O EXPERIMENTALLY_ALLOW_PULSE_AUDIO=1" sorta worked under F11, and doesn't yet work for me under F12).


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