[mythtv-users] What flavor of Linux are you using?

Gordon McCrae gordon.mccrae at googlemail.com
Fri Nov 20 00:02:36 UTC 2009

Andy Hohenner wrote:
> I'm in the process of building a new system for MythTV, and am using
> this as a chance to practice and try something new, so installing from
> scratch (SVN) and trying out versions of Linux I've not used before...
> Just tried building with Fedora 11, but just found out they took out
> the ability to automatically log in (atleast without making edits to
> conf files that I don't completely understand), so considering trying
> another version.
> What flavor of Linux is everyone running?
> Thanks,
> Andy
> _______________________________________________
A bit of a loaded question to be honest, virtually everyone uses their
favourite distribution rather than look for one specifically for running
MythTV. I personally use OpenSuSE and am very happy with it, then again,
that's because it's my distribution of choice and I've spent the time to
learn my way around things on it.

If you're not wanting to get too technical, then I'm guessing you'd be
best sticking with one of the Myth-specific distributions such as
Mythdora or Mythbuntu as they'll pamper you more than a general
distribution that you then decide to add MythTV to.


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