[mythtv-users] new server: schedules direct and scte65scan

Matt Beadon matt.beadon at gmail.com
Tue Nov 17 21:02:38 UTC 2009

> My confusion: there is no lineup at Schedules Direct that matches up very
> well to what I scanned (SD + HD) on Comcast (digitized expanded basic)
> scanned via my HDHR.

In my experience the schedules direct list is a superset of all the channels
you can receive.  I started with all of them enabled and then went through
the schedules direct website and disabled all the ones I can't find with
scte65scan.  In part I disabled those channels to speed up mythfilldatabase
but really that shouldn't matter too much.  I think you could just leave
them all enabled and you'd end up with "extra" listings in your DB.

> Is this guidance just a tick-in-the-box sort of step and it really doesn't
> matter what lineup I select at Schedules Direct?  Or is there some logic
> to the lineup choice?
A little confused by your question but I'd suggest starting with a comcast
"digital cable" lineup for your zip and tweaking if desired.

Should I choose the most comprehensive Digital package lineup from Comcast
> at SchedDir and hope that the XMLTVID references from the scte65scan match
> up?
They should... but YMMV.  ;)
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