[mythtv-users] Fan speed control using lm-sensors doesn't work.Help, please.

Brian Wood beww at beww.org
Tue Nov 17 19:00:15 UTC 2009

On Tuesday 17 November 2009 10:23:49 Allen Edwards wrote:
> >Without more specifics (eg: CPU), those temps are probably fine.  70'+ is
> >when you need more active cooling
> The CPU is an AMD 5400+  I think it is rated for 70 degrees.  The heat sink
> is rated at .25 degrees per watt and seems to be doing that as best as I
> can tell.  It is drawing a combination of case and room air so that isn't a
> huge rise.  I get 60 degrees with the CPU loaded 80 percent, which seems to
> be maximum.  The largest temp difference seems to be case to CPU so I guess
> that is just something I have to live with having bought the AMD chip.  60
> degrees just seemed high to me.

The specs on an Athlon 64 X2 6000+ that I have say the max operating temp is 
55-63 degrees. This chip has a thermal design power of 125 watts.

Remember that the reported temperature is dependent on the calibration of the 
thermistor (usually poor), and several other factors, so I would not run any 
closer to the allowed max temp than you have to.

If I were running at 60 degrees I'd try to get that down. Most electronics is 
happier at cooler temperatures (Google's conclusions regarding HDDs 

Brian Wood
beww at beww.org

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