[mythtv-users] Mythfrontend idle cpu consumption help

mythtvusers at markgarland.co.uk mythtvusers at markgarland.co.uk
Tue Nov 17 08:12:18 UTC 2009

Hi Mike,

Re: 15% CPU usage in idle mythfrontend.
>This, I would say, is all just normal operation
>I.e. you guys don't have an issue so much as have a "feature request." :) 

I really couldn't disagree more.  If an application server at work used 15%
at idle it would be investigated.

> Basically, there are way too many people grouping many different
> symptoms together as "Mythfrontend idle CPU consumption" issues. 
I know that the waters are quite muddy as the thread is confusing, however
to my knowledge there are at least 5 people that are experiencing 10-15%
CPU usage when the frontend isn't doing anything.  This also seems to be
appearing over multiple platforms (some with Ubuntu/Debian, some with
others, some with glibc others with eglibc).
Forgetting for a moment, any mention of timestamps, NFS shares, or runaway
processes - the mythfrontend process in its raw state (in my case, out of
the Ubuntu repositories) seems to idle intermittently at 15% CPU.  This is
*not* normal operation for an application, IMO, and there is definitely a
bug here.  I am just struggling with my limited skills to understand
whether it is a mythtv bug, a library bug, or a kernel bug, although
Jansen's polling idea sounds interesting.

Can I ask what platforms you are using and whether you experience *this
exact issue*?



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