[mythtv-users] Nebula DigiTV + Ubuntu + MythTV .... possible?!

Ryan Duffy dusteur at excite.com
Mon Nov 16 15:28:36 UTC 2009

> I have a Nebula DigiTV card and have been trying and trying all weekend to get mythtv working. No luck so far :(

I have one too, which I've been using with mythtv for at least 3 years.

> I was definitely seeing the error 'frequency limits undefined - fix the driver' in syslog.

Yep, I see that. It doesn't seem to matter. It first appeared after some kernel upgrade a while back - I tend to be pretty cutting edge with kernels. I'm afraid I can't remember which one. About a year ago I'm guessing, but maybe less than that.

 > Is there any way to tell?

Try using tzap to tune into a channel. You'll need an appropriate channels.conf file. I can't remember how to set this up, I did it when I first played with myth...
If you get a lock, it is working.

I found it best to remove all the kernel modules after boot up and manually modprobe them in "the right order" (that being the order that results in a working card). It really shouldn't have been necessary to do this, but frankly I couldn't be bothered wasting time trying to fix it properly because reboots are pretty rare.

I could show you the script I used for this, but I'm not in front of my BE right now. (sorry.)

For the record, another more recent kernel upgrade broke the remote - perhaps 3-4 months ago. This might well have been fixable, but my debian install has been around for a long time (>8 years) and some of my config is more than a little odd by now. I suspect it was just some lircd oddity.

As I'd been considering moving to a dual-tuner setup for a while, I cut my losses and bought a TD-500 which works very well. 
I don't need 3 tuners, so I removed the nebula one and am no longer using it (but wondering what I should do with it as there is nothing wrong with it). 

FYI - I have found mythbackend to be fairly unstable in the past crashing approx once per day, and set up monit to restart it as necessary. I've no idea if it is still unstable because I don't look at the monit logs, but it's probably worth doing if you want to be sure not to miss any recordings. I'm not trolling here, just stating a fact - so don't bother flaming me about this because I won't respond.  

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