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Brian J. Murrell brian at interlinx.bc.ca
Mon Nov 16 00:34:35 UTC 2009

On Sun, 2009-11-15 at 13:58 -0500, Michael T. Dean wrote: 
> Great.  I hope it didn't take nearly as long as you feared it would.

It's dragging out.  I am not at all convinced that I am done running
into "oh yeah.  that needs changing too"s yet.

> Yeah, I firmly believe that reconfiguring from scratch has its
> benefits.  And, I think it goes much faster than people
> realize--remember, you're only a noob once.  :)

It's not so much the noob factor as much as it's just years of fine
tuning the behaviour you want from four hundred and seventy-eleven
switches and knobs.

> I think the overscan issue is more of a "at the themer's discretion"
> thing.

See, I think it's exactly not a theming issue at all.  I think it's an
underlying UI design issue.  I agree totally with how the screen-size
wizard works, allowing one to fine tune the UI so that it fits within
the viewable portion of their set.

What I disagree with is that scaling the entire window is the way to
make it fit.  I think that the window should always be whatever size the
screen is and that the widgets on the window should be moved in response
to the screen-size wizard.

That is for a set with less viewable area than another, the offset from
the edges of the window the widgets are painted on are greater and the
widgets themselves either scale smaller or are packed tighter to deal
with the reduced real-estate.

So I see this as all operating below the themer's task.

> Guess that just presents an opportunity for come
> overscanning-CRT users to get involved in the theming competition and
> win some cool prizes!  (And, we /really/ need some 4:3 themes, so the
> fact that they're 4:3 or that they are designed to allow overscan won't
> be held against entries--if nothing, it may be a positive.

Indeed.  It would be really nice if 4:3 themes had an overscanning
compensation requirement.  A 4:3 themer should look at his fully
dimensioned window and watch a TV channel in it and then watch the same
channel on a real set and see just how much of the edges really are

Somebody actually had mentioned a broadcaster's publication standard
that specified the various dimensions a broadcaster could assume.  It
would be nice if the "viewable area" from that document were given to
the 4:3 themers.


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