[mythtv-users] DB charset pre-conversion test failed! Your database seems to be partially corrupted.

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Sun Nov 15 18:58:15 UTC 2009

On 11/15/2009 09:57 AM, Brian J. Murrell wrote:
> On Sun, 2009-11-15 at 00:24 -0500, Michael T. Dean wrote: 
>> My best guess is that you were affected by the issue fixed in [22750].  
>> If you upgrade to 0.22-fixes or trunk r22750 or higher, all should work 
>> fine.
> Well I would, but that toothpaste is already out of the tube.

Actually, now that I'm awake, I noticed the log showing the failed
upgrade said that you were actually using exactly r22750, so that's not
the issue.  Therefore, the only way that I could see the data getting
corrupt between the backup (not corrupt) and the database (corrupt) is
with some glitch in the restore process--i.e. someone in the process was
doing charset conversions "to help you out."  :(

>   I bit the
> bullet and did the partial restore trick.  I've been fiddling with
> settings and whatnot since.  I think I have it mostly restored to usable
> state.

Great.  I hope it didn't take nearly as long as you feared it would.

> On the bright side, it's made me take a closer look at the playback
> profiles I was using on my straining combo FE/BE(with 3 tuners) Athlon
> 800 machine.  I now have playback down to 30% there using XvMC and None
> de-interlacing.  Until so far, anyway, I have not see any interlacing
> artifacts on my CRT TV.

Yeah, I firmly believe that reconfiguring from scratch has its
benefits.  And, I think it goes much faster than people
realize--remember, you're only a noob once.  :)

> Also, having to reconfigure the GUIs and playback for various FEs has
> also made me acutely aware of the deficiency in the handling of
> overscanning in the GUI, which I've talked about here.
> My hope is that the fruit of that discussion is consideration for
> overscanning in any future GUI designing.  I tend to think it will/has
> been dismissed as unimportant however, given that the Trac ticket(s) I
> opened got closed and/or locked pretty quickly.
> Thanx much for looking into that database for me though.  I do
> appreciate it.

I think the overscan issue is more of a "at the themer's discretion"
thing.  Unfortunately for overscanning-CRT users, the people who have
been most active at theming seem to be focusing on HDTV's with little or
no overscan.  Guess that just presents an opportunity for come
overscanning-CRT users to get involved in the theming competition and
win some cool prizes!  (And, we /really/ need some 4:3 themes, so the
fact that they're 4:3 or that they are designed to allow overscan won't
be held against entries--if nothing, it may be a positive.


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