[mythtv-users] Best way to install Nvidia 190 from packages?

Tortise tortise at paradise.net.nz
Sun Nov 15 23:19:04 UTC 2009

> Use Synaptic, select nvidia-glx-190 and apply.
> This process should confirm removal of nvidia-glx-185.

> Thank, managed to miss that in the package list


Pleasures all mine!  I spent ages trying to work out why I could not find it and drove myself and maybe one or two others spare in 
the process.   Turned out there was a bug in 9.04's synaptic "Quick Search" - thankfully seems to have been fixed in 9.10.  (!)   I 
had assumed Quick Search was reliable. I even posted a pic of it and no one seemed aware of it either.  Never assume anything! 

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