[mythtv-users] Nebula DigiTV + Ubuntu + MythTV .... possible?!

Matt Wynne matt at mattwynne.net
Sun Nov 15 19:34:14 UTC 2009

Hi all,

I have a Nebula DigiTV card and have been trying and trying all  
weekend to get mythtv working. No luck so far :(

First I built my machine with a fresh install of Ubuntu Karmic (9.10)  
and then installed the mythbuntu packages. It all went smoothly, and I  
managed to add the capture card on the backend setup. When I came to  
tune channels however, I couldn't seem to pick anything up.

Then I saw this[1] linking to this[2] which suggests there is a  
regression bug in the 9.04 kernel that means my Nebula card won't work  
on Jaunty or Karmic. I was definitely seeing the error 'frequency  
limits undefined - fix the driver' in syslog.

I was following this guide[3] to test the channels since that seemed  
simpler than trying to get the whole mythtv stack working.

So in the end I bit the bullet and downloaded and installed Intrepid  
(8.10). I don't get those messages in syslog on boot, but I do get  
them when scan tries to look for channels, and now I can't even add  
the capture card in mythtv - I get an error message that goes off the  
screen but looks like "Could not get card infor for card #0 Subtype:  
Unko...". If I look in /dev/dvb there is something there at least.

So... I'm starting to wonder if I gave up on 9.10 too soon - maybe the  
'frequency limits undefined - fix the driver' isn't as serious as  
suggested by [1] - some other posts I've seem seem to suggest that  
people have their cards working but still see this message in syslog.

I'm also just starting to wonder whether my signal is strong enough  
here, but I am in central london and the same cable picks up freeview  
through a set-top box just fine. Is there any way to tell?

Another option I'm considering is ditching the nebula card, which I've  
had for years but only ever worked for me under Windows and getting  
something more 'standard' that will be more likely to be supported  
with Ubuntu releases.

I realise this is a really long post, so if you've got here thanks for  
listening! What do you recommend?



+447974 430184

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