[mythtv-users] 0.22 VDPAU video doesn't reappear after xscreensaver

Yeechang Lee ylee at pobox.com
Sun Nov 15 18:41:43 UTC 2009

Since upgrading to trunk almost a month ago I've been dealing with an
irritating peculiarity.

I run xscreensaver on my frontend. With 0.21 (and every version from
0.18 on, actually), xscreensaver would activate after the set period
of time when I paused the internal player, and it would properly
deactivate and the video would return to the screen when I pushed a
keybaord or remote button. This also worked with Jean-Yves' VDPAU
backport to 0.21.

Once I moved to trunk (and now stock 0.22), I found that the paused
video does not reappear. Whatever xscreensaver module is running
stops, and audio resumes, but the screen remains blank. Exiting
playback properly returns mythfrontend to Watch Recordings, and again
playing the recording also works. This only happens with VDPAU; the
problem does not exist with Xv. The screen also always properly
resumees when exiting xscreensaver after it triggers outside playback.

Something else that may offer a clue: I have a remote button that
calls a script. If the button is pushed once, LIRC uses onscreend
(<URL:http://caladan.nanosoft.ca/onscreend.php>) to print a message on
the screen advising the user to push the button again within three
seconds to kill mythfrontend. That message is set to disappear in
three seconds; however, when playing a recording via 0.22's VDPAU, it
does not. It's as if the frontend does not know it is supposed to
update the portions of the screen the onscreend message overwrote. The
playback itself and the OSD behave normally (other than the
xscreensaver non-resumption issue I mention above).

Suggestions? I have tried moving from Nvidia's 180.18.36 (what I was
using with 0.21-fixes+VDPAU backport) driver to the current stable
190.42 with no change. Neither xorg.conf nor ~/.xscreensaver has
changed in months. I do not run gnome-screensaver and ratpoison is the
window manager, again with no change in its configuration.

Yeechang Lee <ylee at pobox.com> | San Francisco CA US

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