[mythtv-users] FC8, .21 => Fedora 11, .22: Issues?

stefan_jones at comcast.net stefan_jones at comcast.net
Sun Nov 15 06:16:56 UTC 2009

My MythBox has been stable and functional for a long time. I'm about to install a new capture card, so I thought it would be a good time to upgrade Fedora (Core 8 to Fedora 11) and MythTV (.21 to .22). 

I am resigned to totally reinstalling Fedora. I'm backing up my video partitions and database information. 

My question is the mythconverge format. I remember that my last upgrade (.20 = .21?) involved a big database change. Is there any similar challenge, or complication in going from a several year old version of MySql to the one included in Fedora 11? 

Most of the upgrade threads I've read start off at FC9 or FC10. 

Any comments welcome. 

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