[mythtv-users] Minimum cpu required for VDPAU/HD?

Mark fairlane at springcom.com
Sat Nov 14 18:14:42 UTC 2009

Brian Wood wrote:
> I don't know what models you have, I based my VIA comment on:
> http://www.google.com/products/catalog?q=neoware+thin+client&oe=utf-8&rls=org.debian:en-US:unofficial&client=iceweasel-a&um=1&ie=UTF-8&cid=7015518681236215720&ei=tsf-SsehDZDUtgOF6uCHCw&sa=X&oi=product_catalog_result&ct=result&resnum=4&ved=0CB0Q8wIwAw&os=tech-specs
> Some of the newer VIA stuff seems a lot better than their older stuff. I have 
> a few thin clients from ThinLabs that use the VIA CPUs and UniChromePro 
> video. I can use the UniChrome for MPEG2, but nothing else.
> The Via AAEON technology looks interesting, there seems ot be a lot of 
> competition on the SBC or SOC designs that can decode HD video.
> I agree using thin clients is a great way to provide computing for multiple 
> users in a home, saves power and money, and with gigabit ethernet it's as 
> fast as local machines.
I have a CA2 that I was looking at using for myth.  The link you posted 
looks like a newer one. 
What makes it interesting is the PCI riser card and slot.  I can think 
of a few uses for these things, from firewall
to router, frontend, carpc, all kinds of stuff.

I am starting to really get tired of fans and disks humming in every 
room of the house.   And my power bill would
appreciate a break.  We're already high due to having a geosource heat 
pump running for heat/cool.  The computers
just add insult to injury.

I haven't actually installed LTSP yet, but it looks pretty easy from the 
docs.  If it works the way I think it will, I can
add a user station for about $175-200 w/lcd monitor.  Being able to log 
out the kids on a cron job is just a perk...;)

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