[mythtv-users] Low power FE/BE CPU

Johnny jarpublic at gmail.com
Sat Nov 14 02:52:51 UTC 2009

> Any thoughts regarding the 210, the 8600 GT or the 220 GT?  How could
> I answer questions like this myself without pestering all of you?

There is some more detailed info in some recent posts in the list
archives, but as I recall the 210 is a little underpowered. it would
be similar to the 8400 or 9400. It will be able to do everything but
the Advanced 2x deinterlacer on HD. So most people would recommend the
220. The 2xx family also has one advantage over the earlier 8xxx and
9xxx cards. They will support the newly added MPEG4 (xvid/dvix)
capabilities, wheres the earlier cards only accelerate H264, MPEG2,
and VC1.

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