[mythtv-users] desktop environment efficiencies.

Richard Morton richard.e.morton at gmail.com
Thu Nov 12 21:27:02 UTC 2009

I am asking this qustion as I am thinking about building a new mythtv
install on a new drive to ease the upgrade; well not ease it exactly, but
make it so that I can complete it in bite-sized chunks with minimal outages
from the SOs point of view.

So I built the current system with MythBuntu; but I am wondering if, as
MythTV uses the Qt framework whether it would be more memory efficient to
install Kubuntu compared to Xubuntu on the server with myth packages (and
maybe myth control centre for very rare use).

I have no idea how to find out how much memory each installation would
require (I'm interested in RAM and CPU usage, not particularly interested in
disk space).

Ideas, thoughts and knowledge welcome...

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