[mythtv-users] Adding channels for my HD-PVR

Gerald Brandt gbr at majentis.com
Thu Nov 12 14:10:46 UTC 2009

> I know WHERE to put it, but do I have to put in any parameters? That's 
> really my question. I have "/usr/local/bin/6200ch" right now. If I 
> wanted to pass the node for the firewire port and the channel number, 
> how do I do that? I know that some of the user job scripts can get 
> parameters like %CHANID%, etc., so do I have to put that on that command 
> line? 
> Thanks, 
> Harry 

I use the 6200ch program to change my channels. I had issues changing channels from SD to HD (and vice versa). Mythfrontend would crash. So, I created a simple script to add a 1 second delay after changing the channel. 

Either way, I add the -g option to the 6200ch command line, to specifiy the GUID of the Motorola box. 

In mythtv directly, I had: 6200ch -g xxxxxx The channels gets added automatically by myth. 

For the script, mythtv just has 6200ch-1.sh as it's command, and the script deals with the GUID, the script looks something like: 

6200ch -g xxxxxx $1 
sleep 1 

Simple as that. Firewire channel switching has been flawless for me. 

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