[mythtv-users] Adding channels for my HD-PVR

Harry Devine lifter89 at comcast.net
Thu Nov 12 13:09:04 UTC 2009

On 11/12/2009 12:21 AM, Kenneth Emerson wrote:
> I got the Lineup stuff worked out, so thanks for that tip.  As for the 
> channel changing, I was able to get the 6200ch application to compile 
> and I can run it from the command line to change the channel on my 
> STB.  What do I need to add to the HD-PVR card in mythtv-setup?  Also, 
> my system doesn't seem to have mythchanger, so would you have any more 
> info on what it is or where I get it?
>     Thanks,
>     Harry
>     I don't have access to my system right now, but I don't remember
>     anything unusual about the setup.  It is added just like any other
>     tuner card and input except you must put in a channel changer.  If
>     you got 6200ch to work for you from the command line that's fine.
>     Just enter the exact same parameters (without the -v) in the
>     "Channel Changer" field when you add the input.  If you want to
>     use mythchanger, you can get it here:
>     https://wiki.ubuntu.com/majoridiot.  I have not had any luck with
>     live TV over the HD-PVR; once I try to change channels, I lose the
>     audio, the frontend segfaults and the only way to get the backend
>     to talk to the HD-PVR again is unload and reload the hdpvr kernel
>     module.  But I have had good luck (so far) with recordings.  If
>     you are not using VDPAU, you'll probably need to lock your STB at
>     720p or less in order to view the recordings.  1080i works, but it
>     does take a lot of horsepower to decode.
> --Ken
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I  found the mythchanger program right after I sent my response last 
night.  Compiled it and it works fine.  If I use that in mythtv-setup 
for the HD-PVR, would I put "/usr/bin/mythchanger -c %CHANID%" or 
something else?


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