[mythtv-users] Tmdb queries have stopped working (API version?)

Robert McNamara robert.mcnamara at gmail.com
Wed Nov 11 21:46:44 UTC 2009

On Wed, Nov 11, 2009 at 1:43 PM, Mark Greenwood <fatgerman at ntlworld.com> wrote:
> OK Thanks. If it helps, I made the script work, to an extent so far anyway.
> Mark

The 2.1 API script will be in .23, but it will be a completely new
script more likely than not, for a few reasons.  One is that I want to
be able to offer a return for *any* query, not just those with IMDB
numbers defined.  Also, the new script will use some hooks I have been
working on to transition existing records to TMDB numbers (rather than
the current IMDB numbers).   It'll also reduce our impact on TMDB.


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