[mythtv-users] Any interest in html5's <video> tag in mythweb?

Tom Sparks tom_a_sparks at yahoo.com.au
Wed Nov 11 03:52:50 UTC 2009

--- On Wed, 11/11/09, Ajay Sharma <ajayrockrock at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello,
> I was thinking about replacing the flash player in mythweb
> with the new <video> element.  I searched the
> myth-users and -dev lists and didn't really see much
> about it other then, "it's not widely
> supported".  Which is understandable, but I think it
> should be an option at least.
> Last night I was messing around with ffmpeg2theora and was
> able to convert a couple of .nuv's into .ogv's and
> was able to display them in a browser.  It was surprisingly
> straightforward.
I hope you are using the newest version from http://v2v.cc/~j/ffmpeg2theora/
> So I'm thinking about making a patch to mythweb where
> if you have a supported browser, the right codec, and the
> actual .ogv file, then use the <video> tag, otherwise
> fallback to the flash methods.
> Just wondering if there's any interest in this as there
> are still a couple of issues.  I think the .flv conversion
> happens on-the-fly when you load up the video. 
> ffmpeg2theora is kinda slow and I'm not sure if it can
> happen in real-time.  Creating a user-job to run
> ffmpeg2theora on every video will solve this but then
> you're going to basically have a bunch of .ogv files
> lying around...   I figured I'd get the <video>
> tag to show up first and then worry about the long-term
> issues later.  
I have done it with Mv-embed http://metavid.org/w/index.php/Mv_embed

<script type="text/javascript" src="http://mythwebsite.com/mwEmbed/mv_embed.js"></script>

 <video thumbnail="myimage.png" poster="myimage.png">
      <source type="video/ogg" src="mymovie.ogg" />
      <source type="" src="mymovie.flv

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