[mythtv-users] New frontend... Atom?

Nick Morrott knowledgejunkie at gmail.com
Wed Nov 11 00:26:24 UTC 2009

2009/11/10 Steve Hill <steve at nexusuk.org>:
> On Tue, 10 Nov 2009, Jarod Wilson wrote:
>> Any remote that works with a serial receiver ought to work just as well
>> (if not better) with an mce usb transceiver.
> My Sky Navigator remote alledgedly uses the RC5 protocol, but in my
> experience the timings are a bit too weird (I could only get it working in
> raw mode under lirc).  So I have been working off the theory that "smart" IR
> receivers (e.g. USB based things) are probably a bit too smart and will
> expect the remote to do a standard protocol.  I don't have any actual
> experience of non-dumb receivers though to back this assumption up.

The Navigator mostly uses RC6 - some RC5 for the TV-mode functions
(inc mute and vol+/-) and RC6 for the rest of the remote/keyboard

My lircd.conf using RC6 and coupled to a serial IR receiver has not
caused any problems. I've just acquired a Hauppauge MCE USB receiver
(which is marked as using RC6) to use with my Revo 3610, but as yet
I've done no testing. Some receivers are locked to a particular
protocol (e.g. the older on-card Hauppauge receivers that were
restricted to using RC-5).

You can grab the RC-6-based lircd.conf from


Nick Morrott

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