[mythtv-users] StartEncoding failed

Chris Tepe cstepe at ctdataservices.com
Tue Nov 10 19:19:02 UTC 2009

Paul Bender wrote:
> David Gabler wrote:
>> I can not seem to find the magic combination for video4linux and 
>> ivtv. the ivtv module fails to insert due to conflicts.
>> running centos 5.3,  2.6.18-164.6.1.el5PAE
>> Works fine with out video4linux/video4linux-kmdl
> I just switched from the ivtv package to the video4linux package and 
> upgraded from MythTV 0.21 to MythTV 0.22. After doing so, my PVR-250's 
> work with MythTV 0.22.
> The ivtv and video4linux packages are not compatible. Therefore, you 
> need to be sure that you to remove ivtv before you install video4linux.
> Therefore, before installing video4linux-kmdl, unload all the ivtv and 
> v4l related kernel modules. For me running the following was 
> sufficient to remove them:
> modprobe -r ivtv msp3400 saa7115 tuner video
> In addition, before installing video4linux-kmdl, remove the all ivtv 
> packages except ivtv-firmware? For me, running the following was 
> sufficient to remove everything:
> yum remove `rpm -qa | grep ivtv | grep -v 'ivtv-firmware'`
> After doing that, you should be able to reload the ivtv driver using
> modprobe ivtv.
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Thanks for figuring this out.  Just for others sanity I had to update to 
the kernel 2.6.18-164.6.1.el5 to install the video4linux.


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