[mythtv-users] [RFC] Proposed settings rework

Xavier Hervy xavier.hervy at bluebottle.com
Mon Nov 9 23:19:01 UTC 2009

Johnny wrote:
> Yes, it reminds me of Arrow's Impossiblity Theorem
> (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arrow%27s_impossibility_theorem). He
> basically proved that it is impossible for a group to come to
> consensus on their preferences. So I am sympathetic to the challenge
> of even discussing this with the users as a whole. I only brought up
> the playback groups because they do have some promise. They already
> have the functionality to be applied to recording rules. So you can
> handle per playback group. The per recording, and per title would be
> handled by using playback groups in your recording rules. The per
> channel would be nice but you can still handle it by adding a playback
> group to your recording rules on that channel.
> Regardless of the commercial-skip issue, the playback groups are
> confusing the way they are. Other mythtv groups (e.g. storage groups,
> recording groups) have a default group that is used. It would be
> consistent to just have the default playback group that had all of the
> playback settings (rather than a random few). Then additional groups
> could be added for those more advanced users who want to do the custom
> stuff. I think this would simplify things for the new/simple user, by
> having all of the logically related playback settings in one place,
> rather than split up in playback groups, general settings, and
> playback settings the way it is now. Again the playback groups are
> already in place, this is just a matter of moving the settings into
> the playback group. To me, it seems like one of those rare cases that
> simplifies things while still adding greater functionality.
Completely agree with this, more powerful, less confusing


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