[mythtv-users] WAF-like mythweb question from Pam Ashworth

Ken Bass kbass at kenbass.com
Mon Nov 9 22:47:07 UTC 2009

mons37318 at mypacks.net wrote:
> darn. that sounds like it's the right answer. 
> alas, i can't find asx in his list of filetypes, in Firefox. I wouldn't mind so much, but
> I can't find it in *mine* either - and mine is working right.
When you click on the ASX stream icon you should get a popup window. I 
think you need to put a checkmark on 'Do this automatically for files 
like this from now on' and click the Open with [Browse] to select the 
player. I think doing that step puts the ASX file in the list. Then you 
can goto Tools->Options, Applications to edit the ASX. That is my guess 
on my mine had ASX listed. It is way confusing.

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