[mythtv-users] WAF-like mythweb question from Pam Ashworth

mons37318 at mypacks.net mons37318 at mypacks.net
Mon Nov 9 22:20:11 UTC 2009

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>From: Ken Bass <kbass at kenbass.com>
>mons37318 at mypacks.net wrote:
>> I know how to play the files once they are downloaded.
>> Firefox doesn't know what to do when I click on the thumbnails. (and it thinks myth is a protocol...)
>For me, I click on one of the two little icons. One is for 'ASX 
>streaming' and the other is for 'Direct Download'. What I had to do was 
>go into Firefox, Tools->Options, select the Applications tab and edit 
>the ASX file association to use my vlc.exe player. I had to do this 
>despite trying to check the box that tells Firefox to 'always open like 
>this'. That seems to be ignored and the Tools->Options was the only way 
>I got it to work properly. (Under Firefox 3.5 on Win 7).

darn. that sounds like it's the right answer. 

alas, i can't find asx in his list of filetypes, in Firefox. I wouldn't mind so much, but
I can't find it in *mine* either - and mine is working right.

Microsoft has to get all friendly and call things Windows Media... something and then way over on the right, you can finally see the thing that would be a file extension. Alas, the dialog-ish box from the Applications tab isn't wide enough to read them all, and doesn't allow you to widen the left column (gee, thanks, Firefox)


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