[mythtv-users] Myth 0.22 / VDPAU / Horizontal "noise/sparkles"

Blammo blammo.doh at gmail.com
Mon Nov 9 19:42:50 UTC 2009

First things first.. thank you MythDev's for more great (free) work...
Thank you Axel for continued use of your Repo... and thank you Nvidia
for not ignoring the Linux community like others have..

Ok, now to the fun... long time Myth user, did the 0.22 upgrade this
weekend using ATRPMS repo.. everything went smoothly after a little
google-foo for QT4.4 on Centos.. Backend (Centos54-64-bit) flawless
upgrade, zero issues since. Frontend (Mythdora 10.21) little more
pain, but got it upgraded as well.

Backend: Tyan S28xx series, 2xOpteron 285, 8G ram, 3ware 9500 w/lotsa
drives, dual GIG-e to switch, 2xHDHR OTA
Frontend: MSI AM2, 6400BE at 3.2ghz, 9600GT, HDMI to Sony TV

I've been using VDPAU with mplayer SVN + NVIDIA 180 drivers for a few
weeks, with zero issues. Picture is beautiful, smooth, crisp, and it's
a little spooky to see 10% CPU with 1080p playback active.

However, VDPAU in myth has me less impressed today. Over the weekend
watched probably 10+ hours of mixed HD playback, almost all recorded
from ATSC-air from HDHR's.  Almost all of it  had what I can best
describe as Horizontal fragments / bands / sparkles that would
randomly appear, almost like noise throughout playback. They would
stay on the screen less than 1 second each, but at times you could
have lots of them on the screen.

If I go back into "playback profiles" and set back to
CPU/CPU+/anything non VPDAU, same source, no noise. No change in the
"deinterlace profiles" under VDPAU changes the behavior.

qOther things I tried:

- 2 different video cards - 8500GT and 9600GT.
- 3 different driver revisions, 180, 185, and 190
- multiple different on-air sources, 480p, 720p, and 1080i
- liveTV seems to be worse than recorded, but not by much..

Again, non-VDPAU = no noise.

Playback of non-HDHR sources like H.264, VOB, etc,in mplayer produces
ZERO artifacting.

It doesn't appear to affect stability, but it's downright irritating..
and obviously a symptom of something broken.

the mythfrontend.log isn't giving up any help either, but perhaps I
don't have debug high enough.. I'm getting some NVP: prebuffering, and
WriteAudio: buffer underrun, but only every couple minutes.. nothing
to correlate to the constant sparkles..


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