[mythtv-users] Change Channel Number?

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Mon Nov 9 19:28:06 UTC 2009

On 11/09/2009 06:21 AM, Christian wrote:
> I am wondering what the right method might be to change channel numbers.
> E.g., EIT data is only collected if I let mythtv search the channels and
> let it suggest the unique channel ids/channel numbers. Every time I typed
> in numbers of my own, it did not work...:-/
> I'd like to assign channel numbers like on my current TV - but how?

Edit the channel /number/ field in mythtv-setup or mythfrontend or 
MythWeb channel editor.  Do /not/ edit the frequency ID (freqid).  This 
/should/ work--though I don't use EIT, so I can't verify there's not a 
bug in EIT that breaks EIT data handling if you change channel number.


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