[mythtv-users] Testing 0.22 before full backend upgrade

Johnny jarpublic at gmail.com
Sat Nov 7 17:40:25 UTC 2009

> I would like to do some testing of the 0.22 frontend before springing the
> whole thing on my family. Assuming a 0.22 frontend won't talk to a 0.21
> backend, even in a half-arsed way to test out the menus, I am thinking of
> this strategy
> Run a test install on my desktop, as a combined front/backend. Load up the
> database from my live backend and upgrade it. This test backend wouldn't
> have any tuners -- if that REALLY is a drop dead problem I can stick an old
> PVR-500 in it.
> Mount the real backend's media drives via read-only NFS, so I can't muck
> them up.

Definitely backup the database, and you may want to choose a time when
the old backend isn't doing anything and shutdown mythbackend and
mysql initially. I have read threads where there were issues having
separate backends on the same network because of the auto discovery
features. I have seen people inadvertently connecting to or updating
the wrong backend or mysql database.

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