[mythtv-users] [SOLVED] Issue with Multirec and DVB-S?

Ben Lancaster mail at benlancaster.co.uk
Fri Nov 6 16:48:08 UTC 2009

> I'm currently recording something on an HVR-4000 hybrid card using the
> DVB-S tuner on ITV HD. When I launched Live TV, it started on BBC HD.
> I thought this was a little strange as I only have a single DVB-S
> tuner, and didn't realise that ITV HD or BBC HD were on the same
> multiplex (if DVB-S even has multiplexes?), so I'd have expected
> MythTV to switch to one of the DVB-T tuners on another card. I flicked
> around a few other DVB-S channels and noticed that they were all
> playing fine. So, I went in to my recordings and started watching the
> DVB-S recording on ITV HD to find that the recording stopped working
> at around the point I'd switched to Live TV - mythbackend still says
> it's recording ITV HD (and it's still flagged as "currently recording"
> in Watch Recordings) but it's impossible to play past the point that I
> started watching Live TV, and the total time counter doesn't increase.
> None of my other tuners were active at the time, only the DVB-S one.
> Is this a bug that needs reporting, or an issue with my setup? I do
> have multirec set up on the DVB-S tuner, it looks like I probably
> shouldn't, but surely MythTV shouldn't have allowed me to have
> multirec setup on an input that doesn't support it?

I got to the bottom of it - the issue was that I'd manually added ITV  
HD in the DB, and had the mux that ITV HD was on assigned to the wrong  
source (d'oh).

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