[mythtv-users] [RFC] Proposed settings rework

nospam312 nospam312 at gmail.com
Thu Nov 5 10:17:46 UTC 2009

> I have to disagree nospam.  Microsoft windows style "Wizards" are a
> solution looking for a problem.  They either only work for a small
> subset of users by hiding all the options (see: "make a chart wizard"
> So I have to go through
>the entire wizard again to change one setting.

Yes but at the moment MythTV has a wizard of about 60 steps if you
include the backend and frontend setup screens.  It just has a few
convenient buttons that allow you to jump in at a specific step.  You
already have to go through multiple pages in MythTV to change one

Optimizing the setup menus by removing legacy options and localisation
support is great and it will be relatively quick but it will not help
a "normal" end user with initial setup.  They are bombarded with too
many options - they may be interested in these options when they have
MythTV setup but I assume many would be just put off going any

We have already had a developer of the commercial skipping code (I
think) saying he did not want the default for one specific option
changing even though other people did.

There is not going to be a solution that keeps everyone happy but
drastically simplifying the initial setup process (or just the
perceived setup) would be a good thing in my opinion as it opens up
MythTV to a wider audience.

As previously said I think going for a method where a list of
predefined template type options that you are presented with when
first running MythTV would be a option.  The community could make
different templates available e.g. "I am running Freeview in the UK
and do not require advert detect/user jobs" with appropriate defaults
applied and unncessary steps of the setup proces hidden.  This would
also give the possibility of users saving templates of their setup.

All ideas I guess just my opinion.

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