[mythtv-users] Can Myth TV record direct from DVB-T/DVB-T2

Richard Evans rp.evans at tiscali.co.uk
Thu Nov 5 02:15:34 UTC 2009

I hope this is a silly question.

I'm only at the stage of considering whether to build something using 
Myth TV. I'm considering building a PVR, to record exclusively digital 
TV transmission. Here in the UK digital TV used DVB-T, and soon some 
DVB-T2 transmissions will be introduced, initially for HDTV. MythTv 
looks like a good option, however the documentation only seems to talk 
about using Analogue TV capture cards. I can't find anything about 
recording digital TV.

Would I be correct in assuming that I could use some sort of DVB-T tuner 
card, or even a DVB-T2, instead of analogue capture cards. This should 
allow it to receive and record digital TV without any need to actually 
encode any video, as the digital TV transmission are obviously already 

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