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Christopher Kerr mythtv at theseekerr.com
Tue Nov 3 21:59:27 UTC 2009

> Hit INFO (i).  The arrow key accelerators were removed because right/left
>> only work for vertical lists and since Myth can now have vertical or
>> horizontal lists...
>> Mike
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>>  I personally hate the horizontal lists and would gladly do without those
> themes to get back the right arrow menu. This is easily the biggest foobar
> in .22 Is there a patch to restore that function. I used the mythbuntu theme
> exclusively and would have no problem deleting graphite and the other
> horizontal themes. The WAF for those themes is 0. My acceptance factor for
> them is also 0. They are crowded, hard to read and ugly!!!! Right now WAF
> still quite low in general since she can no longer easily delete recordings.
> The I key is not bound to anything on the remote and there are no keys left
> to be assigned to that function so its impossible to delete a recording.
> This is a major hassle since our station frequently changes the programming
> to a local event and never sends in an update to the tv guide providers so
> we end up recording something other than the desired program. The only
> option then is to delete and allow to record again. Then it will catch the
> west coast timeslot and rerecord. Of course, thats impossible with the
> remote so she needs to go into the computer closet and switch the keyboard
> to the myth computer to hit the i key and can then go back into the living
> room and use the remote to navigate. A totally foobar setup.
> William

Unfortunately for you, a lot of users DO like the horizontal themes.

Why not set up mythweb for such management tasks? Surely it doesn't happen
so often that you NEED to be able to do it without ever leaving your chair.
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