[mythtv-users] HD-PVR giving up

Kenneth Emerson kenneth.emerson at gmail.com
Tue Nov 3 13:38:23 UTC 2009

> Thanks Ken,
> Interesting what you said about the firmware number and re-adding the
> hd-pvr. 720p is the only format being output by my cable box, so that's at
> least one thing that shoudl be correct.  I haven't had time to re-check my
> firmware yet, due to very low WAF, and box being connected to the TV which
> is in constant evening use by the family.
> Next things for me to try (in order), are:
> revert again to rca (I somehow messed up even more last time I tried this,
> but haven't managed to undo the damage yet, so will revert again)
>  re-install the firmware from a windows VM
> double check the permissions and paths in my storage groups
> set /dev/video0 permissions to 777
> enable vdpau playback (I didn't really want to do this before I had the
> setup working with cpu+, as it's another unknown, but hey, what can I
> loose?)
> Reinstall the whole sjabang :-(
> At the current rate this list will take me several weeks, all in the face
> of steadily falling WAF, so I really hope one of the first steps does it for
> me.
>  Cheers!
> Marius
> A little more info:
I tried using VDPAU but found it to be not quite stable enough for every day
use. Since I have plenty of CPU power, I have reverted to the HIGH QUALITY
profile which has performed very well.  I'm running Ubuntu 9.04 and it
appears that all videox devices are added with the group VIDEO which has rw
access.  My mythtv user is a member of the VIDEO group.
I have both the RCA (stereo) and spdif cable connected between the HD-PVR
and the DCH3200.  I disconnected the RCA cables and the sound disappeared
(as expected from reading the wiki).  I'm still not sure how to set module
level parameters, but maybe someone reading this will offer suggestions or a
link to a web page that describes such.
Anyway, I'm much closer to having it working the way I want than I was a
week ago.  Too bad this system can't handle the 1080 input (although I don't
know what my cable provider is actually sending over these channels).

-- Ken

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