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Brad Benson bbenso1 at gmail.com
Mon Nov 2 18:53:51 UTC 2009

> Second, you could get a second cable box just for live TV, which she
> would probably prefer. You'd still have the recurring charge but you
> wouldn't need another HDPVR.

I second this suggestion.  After several years of Myth use my wife has
finally mostly given up live TV and uses myth to watch prerecorded stuff.
However, that said, she does still go to live TV from time to time.  We have
an additional cable box hooked up directly to the TV that is there pretty
much for the specific purpose of allowing her to watch whatever she wants on
live TV whenever she wants to watch it without effecting myth at all.  Yes,
it costs an extra $10/month, but it is totally worth that to avoid having to
explain either a) why she must jump through hoops to cancel recordings just
to watch tv or b) why one of her recorded shows is missing after she
canceled the recording to watch live TV.

Again, you will need to pay the additional monthly cost, but at least this
saves you having to buy another tuner and it provides her the ability to do
whatever she wants with live tv without affecting the myth system.  At least
until you can finish training her to stop watching live tv. ;)  At that
point you can get rid of the extra STB.  And if you can complete that
training within 2 years this would actually be cheaper than buying another
tuner in the first place.

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