[mythtv-users] silent and low-power: AMD or Intel?

Phil Wild philwild at gmail.com
Thu May 28 08:16:56 UTC 2009

2009/5/27 barbex <barbex at gmail.com>
> Hello everybody!
> Little problems here and there with my mythtv box made me think that
> the universe is trying to tell me that I should look for new hardware.
> I know that hardware questions keep coming up again and again but
> things are changing so much so fast that I don't trust old threads all
> that much.
> Now I know where to get general hardware information but I would like
> to hear about some actual mythtv-experience.
> My priorities are low energy consumption and silence.
> So by your very subjective experience, should I go the AMD or the
> Intel route? Which are better supported by Linux?
> Onboard graphics or nvidia card? (I have a very old and settled hatred
> against ATI cards.)
> General hints and tips regarding motherboards?
> Thank you very much for your thoughts.

One other thing to remember that has not been mentioned. If your
backend is Intel, I would suggest you use Intel for the front-end. If
it is amd, then front-end could be either. This is important if you
are running ubuntu and want to take advantage of the OS's features for
building diskless front-end clients. There is no support for an amd64
diskless frontend if you have an intel backend using the tools like
mythbuntu control center and related commands.



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