[mythtv-users] xbmc mythbox thoughts

Stackpole, Chris CStackpole at barbnet.com
Fri May 22 14:02:23 UTC 2009

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> On Fri, May 22, 2009 at 2:33 PM, Phil Wild <philwild at gmail.com> wrote:
> > Hi people,
> >
> > So I pose the question, what if mythtv development concentrate on
> > core PVR functionality and divert effort on the frontend to mythbox?
> > Would this be a good or bad thing?

Personally I think the xbmc has the better Photo Viewer, and Music
player. I still prefer MythTV for Movies and TV.

> I am enjoying xbmc for the metadata features (including good
> differentiation between movies and tv programmes, enabling good
> metatdata for both, from different sources) and the slick interface.
> I don't enjoy the fact that every box in the house has a separate
> metadata database, rather than a central DB like mythtv.


> I like vdpau incorporation in XBMC.

I agree, but this will come with .22 as I understand it.

> The mythtv UI will be vastly improved in 0.22, which takes out one
> differentiation.
> I like XBMC's use of python which makes a vast number of plugins etc
> to be added easily.
> All in all a good adjunct to mythtv, but in two minds about its long
> term adoption.

Agree here as well.

I /really/ like xbmc running on my xbox. However, I was having a lot of
issues with MythTV running on the xbox. I have been told by several
people that the experience is greatly improved with XBMC 9.04 release so
I downloaded the ISO and hopefully this weekend I will give it a shot on
some spare hardware.

Regardless of how well they play together, I still see them taking two
different roads. The only way I could see them merging like OP suggests
is if there was a way to sync movies/music/metadata/ect back to Myth
backend. Sure I can stream music and movies from my Myth backend to the
XBMC, but when I create playlists, add tags to movies/music, or make
changes to the XBMC they don't sync back to Myth.

Also, the other problem with XBMC taking over as Myths frontend (as I
see it) is that while it would give the Myth Devs more time to
concentrate on Myth backend, it means that someone would have to step in
and ensure that every release the Myth Devs did worked with XBMC. It
could be a disaster if Myth released an update before XBMC did and
suddenly no one could access their recordings. I just see that being a
lot more work (though I could be wrong).

Just my thoughts.

Have fun!

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