[mythtv-users] Absolute newbie stumped

stefan_jones at comcast.net stefan_jones at comcast.net
Wed May 20 04:33:32 UTC 2009

Thanks for everyone pitching in about their favorites. 

I wasn't aware that Mythdora was a distribution . . . I thought the original Newbie poster was referring to the Fedora Myth(TV)ology how-to I used three years ago. 

Honest question regarding "appliance" distros: 

What do you do if something goes a bit flaky? 

I have two examples of linux-fiddling I've had to do to keep my MythBox up and running. 

* Early on, my two capture cards were swapping IDs. The Happague and pcHDTV cards came up tied to the wrong providers. I used some instructions I found here to change modprobe behavior. (As I recall, it's been a few years.) 

* When my local Comcast office went digital, I had to manually scan and identify the channels; the built in scanner just wasn't up to the job. I installed a dvb utility package and used scripts and procedures on the MythWiki. 

This may sound dumb, but do the appliance distros have a X desktop (KDE or whatever) and package managers so you can install packages? 

I'm helping friends with Mythboxes, and would love to be able to make it as painless as possible. 
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