[mythtv-users] MythTV + uPnP + PS3 = no joy

Rev Simon Rumble simon at rumble.net
Fri May 8 03:34:47 UTC 2009

This one time, at band camp, R. Kannan wrote:
> I finally got the server ,folders and files listed in PS3. But I could 
> not play any of my recordings. It says the media file cannot be 
> played. BTW, the files were recorded of Live TV from HDHomerun by 
> Myth. I read another posting in this forum which talked about problems 
> with HDHomerun files with PS3

The PS3 is _very_ finnicky about what it will play, so you're likely to 
have problems.  Some have suggested transcoding all recordings to a 
known-working combination of container + codecs.

I gave up and built a front-end with enough grunt to play back HD direct 
to my telly.  This has a few advantages over the PS3 too:
* Playback while recording (with the PS3, it takes a while before it 
  shows up in the list, and if you play something still recording, it'll
  end when you catch up to the point it was at when you started 
* Ad skipping
* MythTV UI, which means you can do all the stuff you can do in any 
  front-end, whereas the PS3 it's just playback.

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