[mythtv-users] more on h.264 playback issues

Greg Woods greg at gregandeva.net
Wed May 6 17:35:14 UTC 2009

I have confirmed that these issues do not come up with MPEG recordings
made from a PVR-500 or an HDHomerun; this only happens with h.264
recordings made from an HD-PVR.

What happens is, when fast forwarding, and I hit the OK button to resume
playback, the recording "jumps back" to a previous point, but the OSD
still shows the time as where it should be, not where it actually is
after the jump back. So now the OSD time is out of sync with the
playback. Last night I actually had a point where it thought it was at
the end of the recording but had actually jumped back several minutes.
Of course I can't fast forward any more after that because it thinks
it's already at the end. 

Jump backs always happen when fast forwarding, never when playing.

I can get the clock in sync again by exiting out of the recording and
saving the position. Then when I resume playback, I will be at the point
that the OSD clock showed I was at (even though that's not where the
playback was really at).

Let me know if there is any information I could provide to help
troubleshoot this. It is really annoying when watching Stanley Cup
playoff games, as when I resume playback and I am further forward then
when I was before stopping, I can't help but see the score, and if
somebody has scored in the meantime then I know what's going to happen
before I see it, and it ruins a lot of the drama. All three goals in
last night's Ducks/Wings game were spoiled this way.


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