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----- "Robert McNamara" <robert.mcnamara at gmail.com> wrote:

> I've read this a couple of times and I'm not sure what you're getting
> at exactly.  I *think* I understand it as you wanting to download all
> the fanart/etc. for a given film/show/etc.. I can't see a purpose in
> creating subfolders for each video, or a really compelling reason to
> download *every* piece of fanart for a film/Television program.  In
> addition to putting undue stress on already struggling free services,
> there are a number of reasons it wouldn't work well.  The random
> imagetype needs to be fed an actual path in the theme XML, there's no
> way to change that value dynamically at the moment.  So there's no
> way
> to say "show the fanart from this random dir" unless that dir is
> specified in the XML itself.  It also breaks the functionality where
> the downloaded format matches the format expected in the "Watch
> Recordings" screen.  So in short, it would require a rewrite from the
> ground up of three or so functionalities (all of which I wrote in the
> first place so I'm not eager to write them again so soon), and I
> don't
> believe in stressing the free services, so if a patch for this is
> written, it won't be by me. I also don't see functionality to
> (forgive
> the term) rape the information sources being integrated into Myth's
> source, but stranger things have happened.


My bad, when I was reading this from the wiki:

As with the textarea widget, if the imagetype is dynamically filled by MythTV and
there is a filename set, the file will be the "fallback" when Myth has no value to insert.
The filename attribute can *also* be a directory name (which must end in "/"). This will select
and display a random image from the directory.  

I assumed (remember what assuming does) that the filename was being set dynamically, reading the path from 
the database.  Actually, now that I think about it -- how does the filename attribute get set?  ie: if I 
understand correctly that the sweet looking background fanarts are done by imagetypes, and since those 
path's are included in the database -- how does path get into xml file?

> By the way, I *strongly* recommend supporting www.themoviedb.org
> (Donate link at the bottom) and www.thetvdb.com (donate link at the
> top) which are both struggling financially and are the only free,
> legal, open API sources in Myth right now.  If you have an extra few
> bucks to throw their way, I know they would appreciate it.  (I have
> no
> affiliation with them)
Will do....  I wonder if these services could work with the scheduling service...

> >
> >
> > 2) talking of the script, it doesn't seem to check if an image file
> has
> > already been downloaded (I think adding this would lighten the load
> on the
> > servers...)
> >
> That's not the job of the script, it's MythVideo's job.  This is all
> a
> work in progress and isn't done.  This is what happens when you apply
> in progress patches for use rather than to develop them.  ;)


> Robert
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