[mythtv-users] BBC HD wrong length reported by OSD and fast forward / rewind not working

John Taylor john at vetsurgeon.org.uk
Sat Mar 28 17:51:57 UTC 2009

2009/3/15 John Taylor <john at vetsurgeon.org.uk>:
> Wow! I mean Wow! I watched the rugby on BBC HD for the first time
> today and it was amazing- pin sharp and smooth action; good result too
> ;)
> My only gripe is that the OSD reports a programme length of 12 minutes
> for a 120 minute programme; in addition, any attempt to skip
> forward/back resulted in me being dumped back to the beginning of the
> recording. Testing shows this to be the case for Wainwright's walks
> too(another that works fabulously in HD- 60 min long)
> I'm running mythbuntu 8.04 on an AMD 6000+ with a Geforce 8600 card.
> Does anyone else have this problem with H.264 encoded HD material?
> John

Thanks for all the help. I compiled a patched version of mythfrontend
and updated my backend database; unfortunately it reported a protocol
mismatch so I'm afraid I had to stop there.

However, embarassingly enough I think I found the problem. Working on
the theory the seek table may have been wrong I did a quick
mythcommflag --rebuild -f /recordings/rugby.mpg and the problem fixed

I'm not sure why this happenned to two separate recordings- hopefully
I won't have to rebuild each time


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