[mythtv-users] Changed monitor, no more playback...

andrea sarkiaponius at alice.it
Sun Mar 15 21:14:29 UTC 2009


I've been using MythTV for many months without troubles, but last week 
my monitor has broken, so I got another one. I'm running Debian 5.0, and 
changing the monitor had definitely no bad effects, except for MythTV 
playback: Watch TV and Watch Recording just give a black screen, and 
after many seconds, sometimes even more than a minute, I only can hear 
small pieces of audio, and sometimes a very ugly video.

What could it be? I tried reconfiguring xorg to match the new monitor 
(which, actually, is not than new...), but nothing happened, so I got 
back to the old configuration, which works perfectly (I can play all 
games that need accelerated graphics, for instance).

As you probably guess, recordings are perfect: I can watch them with 
MPlayer or Torem without problems. It's just MythTV that has some problem.

Any hint would be very appreciated.

Best regards.
Andrea Giuliano

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