[mythtv-users] Seagate 1.5TB for 109.99

Andrew Burgess aab at cichlid.com
Thu Mar 26 18:59:04 UTC 2009

On Thu, 2009-03-26 at 11:54 -0700, Steve Peters - Priority Electronics

> >Consider that the number might be bogus. I have 2 seagate 750GB that
> >claim many PENDING sectors (which should generate read errors), one of
> >them over 3000...
> >
> >There are no such sectors. I've dd'ed the whole drive and checked via
> >mdadm several times. The SMART response is just wrong.

> How do you guys find this info out? I have 2 seagate 750GB drives and am now
> very curious.

the smartmontools package

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