[mythtv-users] Anyone using an HD-PVR with a Moto DCH-3200?

Marc Barrett mnealbarrett at cox.net
Sat Mar 21 18:38:49 UTC 2009

I am still considering getting a Hauppauge HD-PVR before
the sale by Dell Home expires at the end of the month.  One
little thing concerns me, though.  On the MythTV HD-PVR 
wiki, there is this little blurb:

   "For Motorola STBs, it is also important to set the "4:3 Override" 
   option to Off or Stretch. For some Motorola STBs, both the aspect
   ratio settings and output resolution controls can be found by powering
   down the STB and then pressing the Menu button."

My Motorola DCH-3200 does not have this option per se.  The
closest I can find is in the options for the 1080i and 720p output
formats, which can be set to "sidebar 4:3 image, "stretch 4:3
image", or "keep 4:3 image".  With my current firewire-based
system, I have it set to "stretch 4:3 image", but 4:3 programs
(usually commercials during HD broadcasts) still appear as
not taking the whole screen.

Anyway, I just wanted to make sure the HD-PVR does work
well with an HD-PVR before I get one.  I would hate to spend
$170, only to discover that it doesn't work well with my 
current STB.  So, if anyone else is currently using an HD-PVR
with a Motorola DCH-3200, I'd really appreciate hearing
about it.

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