[mythtv-users] lame version?

Kirk Fitzpatrick kfitzpatrick at cbltech.com.au
Thu Mar 19 01:33:33 UTC 2009

Mike Adolf wrote:
> I am preparing my system to install mythtv .21 for the first time (from 
> the tar ball).  I will likely have many questions. My first is: The 
> documentation (based on mythtv .21) states to install lame by 
> downloading version 3.96 tar ball. I am running Ubuntu 8.10 which has a 
> lame 3.98 package.  Should this work or is 3.96 a hard requirement for 
> mythtv .21.

Should be fine, I'm using 3.97 without any dramas.

Once you've got it setup you should look into getting the svn updates. 
There's not much more to it and using the tar.


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