[mythtv-users] Going to add HD-- anyone with the WD "green"sata drive?

Stackpole, Chris CStackpole at barbnet.com
Mon Mar 16 18:00:26 UTC 2009

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> "green"sata drive?
> Years ago I moved to 100% Seagate because they were the only one with
> a 5 year warranty. However now with drive prices as they are, if a
> drive dies after 4 years to me it is questionable weather or not I
> will return it. I mean the 320GB 7200.10s I bought in 2006, if any of
> them go bad in 2010 will spend $10 to send back a drive worth $25?

In my opinion, yes. I have a ton of Seagate drives and have RMA'd my
share of them back. I sent in an old 80GB drive that croaked and I they
shipped me back a 300GB. I called them back because I thought there was
a mistake in shipping and I didn't want to get hit with a large fee for
the upgrade. They told me that they often will upgrade the drives if
they no longer stock the model being replaced. They have since done that
2 more times (a 300GB became a 400GB ; a 500GB became a 750GB). It
doesn't always happen, but I always like Seagate a little bit more when
it does. ;D

Regardless of if you get the same sized drive back, if you don't want it
there are uses for a fresh refurbed hard drive. Put it up on craigslist
and make a few bucks. I bet you can easily cover the 10$ in shipping and
make a few more dollars off of it. If you don't want to bother, try a
charity. Many of the members of the local Linux user group (including
myself) have given away drives to others who can put it to use. A few
members raffle off equipment and fund things like pizza or TShirts for
the group. 

Have fun!

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