[mythtv-users] how to repair unplayable recordings?

Marco Nelissen marco.nelissen at gmail.com
Mon Mar 16 17:51:52 UTC 2009

I have some recordings that mythtv won't play. These files play just fine
with mplayer, xine and vlc, but when I play them in mythtv, the screen goes
black briefly, then it goes back to the recordings list.
mythcommflag and mythtranscode don't like the recordings either.
mythcommflag says:
2009-03-16 10:15:47.987 AFD Error: avformat err(-1) on av_open_input_file
2009-03-16 10:15:47.988 Couldn't open decoder for:
while mythtranscode says:
2009-03-16 10:26:17.938 mpegts_read_header: could not find any PMT's
2009-03-16 10:26:17.938 Couldn't open input file, error #-1

Is there any way to 'fix' these recordings so that mythtv can play them?
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