[mythtv-users] FLV streaming

David Maino david.maino at gmail.com
Sat Mar 14 14:02:09 UTC 2009


I've been digging through the source code of mythweb a bit trying to find
the code snippets pertaining to FLV streaming. Could anyone point me in the
right direction to which files these might reside in? I'm hoping to try and
modify it a bit so that I can click a link to create a permanent, relatively
low quality FLV file of the video in question that's seekable and saved to
my harddrive, but then if I want a higher quality video I'll click a
different link that encodes on the fly and doesn't save the file to disk.

I'm by no means an expert programmer, so if there are any other tidbits of
knowledge or advice anyone may have I would certainly appreciate hearing

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