[mythtv-users] Why does MythTV re-negotiate firewire connections when switching inputs?

Marc Barrett mnealbarrett at cox.net
Sat Mar 14 03:50:52 UTC 2009

I have a system that includes a firewire connection to a Motorola
DCH-3200, and a Hauppauge PVR-150.  When I view a firewire
channel, MythTV tries to negotiate a lock on the channel that I
want to view.  I have noticed that if I switch to the PVR-150, 
then switch back to the firewire, MythTV tries to re-negotiate
the firewire channel lock.  Why does it do this?  Why not just
"hold" the old connection while the PVR-150 is being viewed? 
I ask this because firewire is flaky at best, and any time a 
firewire channel lock is negotiated there is always a chance of
a hang or crash.

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