[mythtv-users] cx88x audio problems

Juan Jesús García de Soria Lucena skandalfo at gmail.com
Thu Mar 12 14:29:58 UTC 2009


2009/3/12 Jim Peters <jiminycricket180 at gmail.com>:

> an old vinyl record when you slow it down, women sound like men and men
> sound like demons from a low budget thriller. This happens in both
> recordings and live TV, I don't see any audio settings in mythtv like there
> is for the software encoder cards and i assume this is because the audio is
> encoded along with the video as part of the mpeg stream. What can I do to
> fix this?

Try editing the recording profiles. They may have been generated with
an audio sampling rate that the capture card doesn't actually support.
If you edit them, my experience is that they will get automatically
corrected to the (typically only one: 48000 Hz) sample rate that the
card supports and all your recordings from then on will be ok.

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