[mythtv-users] Problems with ATSC program guide

roccomoretti roccomoretti at hotpop.com
Mon Mar 9 15:50:42 UTC 2009

I'm having several problems with MythTV and the over-the-air electronic 
program guide.

The latest is problems with the recent (US) switch to daylight saving 
time - the current time displayed in MythTV is correct, but the programs 
in the guide are one hour early (but only for certain channels). It's 
not a source issue, as I checked the EPG on a converter box, and the 
programs and times line up appropriately. My guess is that for some 
reason MythTV is still sticking with a pre-DST schedule. Is there some 
way to force a rescan of the ATSC EIT information? I though 
mythfilldatabase should do it, but from the output it looks like it 
doesn't actually do anything for over-the-air sources.

Another issue is that even when the scanned programs come at the correct 
time, they don't have the correct extended description. The main titles 
all are correct, but the episode descriptions are all jumbled up within 
the channel. House has episode descriptions from the Simpsons, Nova gets 
ones from This Old House, etc. Again, this is not a source issue, as 
when I check the episode descriptions on my converter box, everything 
lines up appropriately.

Finally, I have a hybrid tuner (Hauppauge HVR-1950) and I can't seem to 
get MythTV to behave. If I have EIT scanning turned on, I cannot use the 
analog side (attempting to do so causes MythTV to "hang" on a black 
screen for a minute or two, until feverishly hitting escape finally 
returns me to the menu). If I turn the EIT scanning off, the analog side 
works fine, but I don't get any new EPG info. Is there some way to set 
up the EIT scans to run manually? I don't think I need the constant scan 
going - hopefully there is some way I could set a scan to run every 4-6 
hours if the tuner is not otherwise in use.

Thanks for any help.

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